Free Diving


Apnea or Free Diving is the voluntary retention of the breathing while we are underwater.

What is it?


Many divers prefer this dive’s modality due to the extraordinary freedom on the movement that free diving offers. Also, this discipline allows a better integration of the divers to the environment, without the release of noisy bubbles that scare the marine life. Usually, frequent snorkelers venture a few feet below the surface and as a consequence they are going into the practice of apnea, which is also officially a sport.


what do we offer you?

With only a few weeks of training, the length of staying underwater can be extended up to 4 times the initial time. However, it is necessary free diver be able to control his body and his mind. Our goal is that you can enjoy the marine environment at the same time you test your physical and mental condition without holding your breath be a torture for you. But if you accept the challenge, we can help you explore your limits and get as deep as you can.

Ready for apnea