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    Cuba received 4 million visitors in 2016, an increase of six percent over its forecast and a growth of 13 percent in relation to the figure achieved in the past calendar, according to the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR). According to a press release, the regions that contributed most to this closure were North America and Europe, while highlighting countries from other continents that have also experienced significant increases in the emission of travelers to the island. The note adds that this result constitutes a commitment to continue to raise the quality of services and efficiency levels of the sector. According to MINTUR forecasts, for this 2017 arrivals to the largest of the Antilles can reach 4 million 500 thousand vacationers.To diversify this offer, MINTUR prioritises diving and nautical, nature tourism and adventures, congresses, events and circuits.
    According to the official site Cubadebate


    Cuba was discovered by Cristóbal Colón on October 27, 1492. The conquest and colonization caused the extermination of its aboriginal inhabitants, so they imported African blacks to exploit as slaves.  This mixture defined the Cuban population and culture.

    On October 10, 1868, they began their independence struggles against Spain, whose domination lasted for 4 centuries. The United States intervened in the war and established a pseudo republic in 1902 and until the 1st. January 1959, when the Revolution led by Fidel Castro triumphed, establishing essential transformations for the life of the country and making Cuba one of the safest countries in the world.

    Capitolio - La Habana